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Watershed Planning

Master Drainage Plans
Feasibility Studies
Impacts Analysis
Staff Augmentation
Urban Stormwater Mgmt.
Low Impact Development
Drainage Rate Studies
Public Works

Water Distribution Planning
EPANET Modeling/Training
Extended Period Simulation
Transient/Hammer Analysis
Water Age/Trace Analysis
Storm Sewer Design

HEC & SWMM Modeling/Training
1D/2D Dynamic Modeling
Floodplain Analysis
FEMA Regulatory Compliance
MS4 Permit Analysis
Detention Pond Sizing
Forensics/Expert Witness
Flood Warning/Notification
Coastal Modeling

Coastal Hydrodynamics
Storm Surge Modeling
Storm Surge Barrier Analysis
Hurricane Simulation
Estuarine/Bay Salinity Studies
Pavement Services

Pavement Asset Management
Flexible Pavement Design
Service Life Analysis
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Asphalt Binders/Polymers
Pavement Forensics
Expert Witness
Laboratory Pavement Analysis
Aggregate Testing
Preventative Maintenance
Recyclable Materials
Condition Assessment
Pavement Performance Modeling
Quality Control/Quality Assurance
Quality Control Training
Mobile LIDAR
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